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Its purpose was to acquire majority of real estate and buildings, except factories, owned by Globe-Wernicke Company. Never run away from anything. Eventually I gave up on the name from the tag and decided to just look at drawings to see if I found anything that looked similar. Notify me of new posts via email.

Re Globe Wernicke Labels

The Standard style was the original and still the most common style, characterized by metal straps at the joints between each bookcase section and rounded top and bottom sections. Israel Benner, death certificate. Virtually all similar new adhesive labels have edges that fluoresce, or glow, under longwave black light. Again, I have not been able to locate the graves of any of Stephen, William, or George. The units fit perfectly together, cold resulting in one-piece appearance.

The stacking glass front bookcase, commonly called a lawyer's or barrister's bookcase, was patented in by Otto Wernicke. Both the chair seat and the desktop tilt upwards to give the students access to the area below the seat and the shelf below the desktop. At the same time, they opened a sales office and show room on Walnut Street. If so, erfahrungen dating perhaps an actual example of the desk is still in existence. The seller talked it up to me for a minute.

From the first he is quick to realize the many advantages of the Globe-Wernicke Unit Idea. At the end of the century, the Wernicke Company started in in Minneapolis of Grand Rapids was acquired and the name was changed to Globe-Wernicke. This is possible, Iwcause every Globe-Wernicke Section is built solidly. Labels can also be useful for dating the units.

Dating globe wernicke bookcases

These cabinets can still be found in antique stores. Get Domesticated Bachelor Gear. The intent of this article is to list all of the information I could find on the web in one place.

Antique File Cabinets

The rounded portion of the clamp piece engages the rounded cup section at the pivot point to create friction. New labels for Globe-Wernicke stacking bookcases were sold in online auctions. Mirror Gate in the Entryway.

The Globe Wernicke Company went through many name changes. Donnelly and Sons Company. Here, again, is most clearly demonstrated the advantage of the expansibility of Globe-Wernicke Sections.

While its sectional construction allows you t o add t o i t as your library grows-yet this bookcase has always the appearance of a single piece of furniture. Knobs are typically made of brass. The Patent Office still requires a working model for anyone claiming a perpetual motion machine.

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  1. Elizabeth married Hiram Longbrake and later moved to Marshall Co.
  2. Benner then married Caroline Deihl, daughter of Peter Deihl, a mason by trade.
  3. The series numbers are for the Utility or the Economy style cabinets.
  4. Copyright - The Domesticated Bachelor.
  5. Here is a n example of pure decoration, by just the repetition of regular sections.

All Sheraton doors are fitted with plain glass only. Each shelf comes apart, as well as the top and the bottom drawer. The next day, supervisors joined the workers in the walk-out. Mine was just over a thousand.

Globe Wernicke Catalogue

Globe Wernicke Bookcase

Rawson, was born in Northampton County, Penn. Right Hand Stack Consists of. Globe-Wernicke Sectional Bookcases are objects of striking beauty yet they blend with the surroundings in a way t h a t only furniture of such superior merit will do.

Re Globe Wernicke Labels

Modern day file cabinets can be ugly and industrial looking. Otto Wernicke history at globe-wernickeusa. Today, they regularly show up on Ebay.

Macey Co. The

After cu de elevi la motru sex the intention was on. Cabinet makers added a layer of insulation, often sawdust, inside the cabinets to make them fireproof. He could see how much I wanted it. The company officers were changed with Kunkel as Chairman and J. Prior to these cabinets, rocky mountain documents were stored in cabinets with openings known as pigeon holes.

People seem to really like this stuff. So I started checking online and at antique shops. Source numbers are in brackets, and the sources are listed at the bottom of the post. Even when the new labels are applied, the exposed edges are all that is necessary to run a black light test. The Globe-Weis name was retained as brand name for file folders and is advertised as a year-old company.

Since it caught me by surprise, though, I took a photo of it with my phone and left without buying it. All woods carefully selected for effect. For a small outlay you increase the capacity of your bookcase just as you need it. More growth occurred after the end of World War I.

Globe Wernicke

Globe-Wernicke Bookcases The Standard Style

The rounded cup section of the seat support at the pivot point. They were advertised as a way to protect important documents in a fire. This permits a double-faced record to bear its number on both sides.

And finally, the latest home of the last piece of the old Globe-Wernicke company. Their card catalogs had already been poached. This hinge mechanism is the heart of the invention.

They specialize in restored antique office furniture. One of the early competitors was the Gunn Furniture Co. Antiquing and the Cylinder Phonograph. Even the poorest enjoy the comforts of modern improveSo also with books. Mention Wood and Finish wanted.

New Globe-Wernicke stacking bookcase labels
  • The oldest units have stenciling on the slats or the backs that lists patent numbers.
  • Part of the duties of a barrister is to summarize case studies and present them to the court.
  • Backwoods Treasure Antiques.
  • Socks in the card drawers.
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They were made from wood, usually oak. The clamping piece is not necessary for the hinge to function. Kunkel a permanent trustee.

The bases were made with or without a drawer. And what do I keep in those drawers? Maria Helen Macarayan-Romualdo. When supplied without the inlaid lines, i t is known as Sheraton Plain.

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