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Metal rondelles were discontinued after the merger with Comoy. Collecting the involved ephemera is often more challenging than anything else! Following across the columns one sees that the different number systems are unrelated.

4-Pipe Barling Set From

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We don't know exactly when such stamping began, and we may never know. But for the vast majority there is no objective method of identification. On older pieces with hallmarked silver bands, online dating when one can look up the hallmark.

Barling Pipes

He's quoted me, then rewrote me to fit his pitch, dating then added in bits from other articles. The following is from an A. The Barling Company produced a variety of classic English shapes of every description.

Help Dating Pre-Trans Barling British Pipes Pipe Smokers Forums

We have a clematis around our front porch light, I'd have never thought to smoke the vine! Paris on the other hand served the French and the other European markets. My references touch upon only a tiny percentage of his findings.

When he shared this with me, he also sent me images of the company and its logo. The crystal clear mouthpiece creates an attractive contrast to the deep dark finish. In addition, the unintentional howlers created by the translator will provide a great deal of amusement.

As an interesting side note, the soft Algerian Briar was not initially prized, as it was prone to burnout. He himself had worked as a wood turner in the clay and china pipe industry in and around Saint-Claude making stem extensions etc. Most of the pipes pictured have the old model numbers. Transition and post transition Barling pipes have gotten an unfairly bad rap. Their engineering is beyond reproach.

There are years of pre-transition Barling pipes made prior to the sale that are not necessarily old growth Algerian briar. They closed the Barling factories in and outsourced the production of pipes, first to several English makers, and then later to Nording, etc. They also made pipes with thicker walls, which helped defend against burnout. At least three earlier catalogs are known to exist. Quaints continued to be made during this period.

Could you please help me with dating this pipe? If the pic of the actual logo were better, I could probably give you a tighter range for dating. Guss Williamson-Barling was nearing the end of his tenure as Managing Director. It is not known when the crossed Barling stem logo first appeared, but an example exists on a pipe with a date hallmark.

Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

We would suggest that the th Anniversary Catalog represents the climax of the family era. It was in production for quite a good long while. Many Barling briar pipes made prior to lack any company markings except for the name of the shop that sold them. We will deny any order we believe has been placed by a minor. Fortunately, Jon has graciously consented to allow me to incorporate some of his findings in this revision of the Barling page.

This was all part of the th Anniversary celebration, a celebration that had been many years in the making. In addition, Tad has added to, improved, dating sites for and clarified points of my recent revision to the Barling page. The porous mature of this briar resulted in excellent heat dispersion and provided a cool smoke. Namespaces Page Discussion.

More on that possibility in a moment. Pre-Transition Barling Bent Fossil, which are very rare. In the published range of sizes expanded.

It was sold to what is now referred to as the transition company circa and the company implemented numerous label and naming changes. Hopefully I posted the link correctly. From the Johnny Long Collection.

1921 Hallmark

In November of a new Retailers Catalog is released, showing a complete revamping of the product line with revised nomenclature. Or, at least I find a reference to the shape number at the above site, it's a Japanese site, but the relavent info doesn't require translation. Their silver work remains unsurpassed.

It looks well carved in a proper Barling shape, the stem looks like it's hand made, and it's of English manufacture, which puts it in the early Post Family era. The old size stamps are dropped. Barling expanded its range of sizes around that time, first listing them in the edition of Tobacco World, the British trade publication.

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  • The inside cover of the Barling box has a label pasted inside.
  • This exemplifies what has changed.
  • Three years later, nothing in this statement has changed.

So, I'm glad you've set the record straight, at least in my mind, dating which had slightly wavered out of uncertainty. Whereby an extensive independence of the single brands was preserved. But if anyone is going to come up with an answer to that question it's likely to be Jonathan Guss. There is a wealth of information therein contained.

That would be hallmarked pieces, patent era pieces, or earlier. The briar continues to be top notch and the African Meerschaum holds its own against Turkish meerschaums. Barling came late to the world of sandblasting.

In addition, in a category all by themselves, are the Quaints. Probably later post-trans but like I said I'm no expert. As for changing blasting techniques, I wouldn't know. This pipe used an absorbent paper filter that was aluminum lined. Yes, I have read Jonathan's excellent article at PassionforPipes.

By looking at the label one can tell approximately when the box was made. This is, we believe, attributed to the inconsistent quantities of African block available. Now the pipe pictured is interesting. Montague Barling, in reply, thanked Bing Crosby, presented the th Anniversary pipe set and wished him many hours of smoking pleasure from them.


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  1. Sometimes you can get a good fix on the period of manufacture by reading the guarantee and noting how many years they say that they have been in business.
  2. Materials and workmanship are the same.
  3. Please add it here, or send it to sethile.

The management was headed by Lucien Verguet. Below is a transition era Barling that passes as a pre-trans. He later became General Manager, and is credited for later saving the brand from extinction at the hands of Imperial Tobacco.

Barling Pipes

Barling - Pipedia

It has been written that they primarily produced billiards and pots because Montague Barling believed that Peterson had a lock on the bent market, and Charatan dominated in the area of Dublin shapes. It is not marked Made in England or London. Barling produced shapes of all description and constantly experimented with variations. They change the model numbering to include a size or group number as the first number. Just remember that you will need to clean it thoroughly before smoking it.

Dating Barling pipe
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Barling Pipes

Barling -- Pipes Logos & Markings

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